Abdullah Al Muhareb
CEO, Board Member & Head of Advisory

Abdullah has over fifteen years of experience and deep knowledge in investment, Real Estate and Real Estate development.

Abdullah held numerous positions during his time at KASB. From trainee to financial analyst up until Real Estate Fund manager where he had an AUM of SAR 500 million.

Furthermore, Abdullah is also one of the founders of Manazel Modern Homes a real estate development company specialized in the projects of the Ministry of Housing, in addition to being Vice President and Managing Director.

Khaled Zaidan
Head of Alternative Investments

Khaled has over eleven years of experience and deep knowledge in investment funds, alternative investments, investment strategy, investment deals, and capital structuring.

Khaled was an Investment Fund Manager with KASB Capital in Riyadh, he used to manage real estate investment funds with AUM of SAR 220 million from the early stage of studying, developing the strategy, and daily fund operations.

Mohammed Alshekh

Mohammed has over 10 years of experience and thorough experience in financial reporting and preparing audited financial statements.

Ahmad Khalifa
Director of Investment Banking

Ahmad has over ten years of experience and knowledge in financial analysis, business analysis Statistical analysis, Private Equity funds structuring.

Ahmad is a senior financial analyst at Watheeq financial services and has experience in Building PE fund’s financial models, Preparing Real estate report analyses (REITs), Preparing Financial valuation studies,

Preparing feasibility studies, Private Equity funds structuring, developing and managing financial systems/models, Fundamental analysis for financial statements.

Abdulelah Alzemami
Head of Business Development

Abdulelah joined Watheeq as head of business development. He has over 8 years of experience in business development and wealth management maintaining a high-quality approach to all sales, services, operational, and risk management processes. A major part of his role is to organize and plan campaigns for Investments and Asset Management lines of business.

Abdullah Alhejailan
Sr. Financial Analyst

Abdullah has experience in investment banking. He had worked for Aldukheil Financial Group as a financial analyst, where he performed various tasks such as equity valuation and analysis, writing analytical reports, registration documents, and prospectuses for companies going public. Abdullah is a graduate from Seattle University in the U.S, Washington State, with a Bachelor's degree in Finance and Business Analytics.